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SonoFly® 3000m ultrasound system

The SonoFly®3000m Ultrasound System sets the new standards for image quality in a low-priced, portable ultrasound system. The SonoFly®3000m System is a powerful, portable imaging solution that offers image quality, networking and workflow benefits not previously possible in a small system. The first ultrasound system on the market that uses a Windows laptop computer back-end. The SonoFly®3000m Ultrasound System includes a standard laptop PC, SonoFly's Microsoft Windows-based ultrasound software, and a Ultrasound Module with probes.

The Ultrasound Module is electronics device containing the system's proprietary beamforming hardware. The Ultrasound Module connects to the laptop via a standard USB cable. The familiar Windows graphical user interface makes the system intuitive and easy to use, and flexible design allows the system to be instantly convertible from a portable unit to a trolley-based system. The SonoFly®3000m Ultrasound System’s compact size and light weight make it easy to image in crowded patient rooms or at remote sites.

The SonoFly®3000m Ultrasound System supports a wide variety of transducers and exam types, and is designed to augment larger systems for imaging at remote locations or to serve as the primary imaging solution in smaller or office-based practice settings. The SonoFly®3000m Ultrasound System Architecture enables simple and frequent software upgrades, and our software upgrade extended warrantee program makes it easy and inexpensive to keep your software and hardware up to date with the latest advances in PC processing, communications, data storage and display technologies.

SonoFly Architecture

Exim's engineers have created the ideal medical ultrasound platform by applying advanced electronics technologies to the generation of diagnostic ultrasound images. SonoFly Architecture is based on SonoFly Ultrasound Module and the use of a Windows®-based computer. SonoFly Architecture enables the development of cutting-edge, flexible and infinitely scalable imaging applications while significantly reducing their cost.

SonoFly Ultrasound Module

The technology of the SonoFly®3000m Ultrasound Module is based on microelectronics. The SonoFly Ultrasound Module drives 128 or 129 beam forming channels. The SonoFly Ultrasound Module design results in both incredible efficiency and flexibility, and enables high-speed computation, low power consumption, and sophisticated image processing using software that runs as a standard Windows application.

Windows®-based Personal Computer

Because SonoFly®3000m system use a Windows-based Personal Computer back-end, the system delivers flexibility and efficiency in image processing, reporting, communication and system integration. SonoFly's systems can be integrated into the existing communication infrastructure or can operate as standalone workstations within the hospital or at remote locations. Because the SonoFly®3000m system runs as a Windows application on a standard laptop computer, you already understand how to use it. Images, loops and reports can be transferred to standard word processing and presentation software applications with cut-and-paste simplicity. Data file management is intuitive. Wireless and Ethernet connectivity are built in. During the exam, most common tasks are accomplished with a single keystroke.

Using the PC

Because the SonoFly®3000m system runs on a standard Windows-based personal computer, your investment is protected from obsolescence and it’s easy to take advantage of the latest advances in processing, communications, data storage and display technologies. The laptop PC shipped with every SonoFly®3000m system enables:

  • Ethernet/Modem Network Connectivity
  • 100,000 plus Image Storage Capacity
  • Archiving Via Integrated DVD Drive
  • Archiving Via Integrated FlashCard
  • Single/Dual monitor Capability
  • Printing to any Windows-Compatible Printer
  • S-Video output

Outstanding clinical utility. Outstanding performance. This low-cost, lightweight, ultraportable system offers great flexibility to clinicians, facilitating diagnostic decisions virtually anywhere. A high degree of customization accommodates user preferences and applications.
PACS Compatible
DICOM Compliant
Default settings automatically optimize each SonoFly Ultrasound Module.

A Powerful Windows-Based Software Application

The SonoFly Ultrasound System is driven by proprietary software that runs as a standard Windows application, which provides for an intuitive, familiar, and customizable user interface and enables:

  • Storage and retrieval of data via standard Windows file formats, including TIF, BMP, JPEG and AVI.
  • Easy upgrades via software downloads or CDs.
  • Remote operation capability.

SonoFly®3000m ultrasound system (.pdf 224 Kb)

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