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Portable Ultrasound Scanner

SonoFly-3000M unit for ultrasound diagnostics- is a portable ultrasound scanner. Possible modes of ultrasound information representation are as follows: B, B+B, B+M, M. A wide choice of reasonable electronic probes provides the universality of system usage (abdominal examinations, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, cardiology, etc.).

The per-set software allows easy management of system working modes, measuring of object dimensions, temporary characteristics, realization of the necessary calculations, formation of examination reports, databases, archives and computer atlases. The images can be delivered from the system both by local nets of the medical establishment and by Internet.

Parameter Value
In a Scan Mode:
Imaging modes B, B+B, B+M, M.
Number of simultaneously connected probes Two. Program switch
Max scan depth 90-220mm. Depends on the probe type.
Imaging Shift from Probe Surface Up to 40mm. Depends on probe type and scan mode.
Frame Average 0% - 90%.
Zoom in Image Area Fragment 125õ125pix. 4 times enlargement. Color contrast of the enlarged area. Possibility of measurements in the enlarged area.
Image Brightness & Contrast
  • Time Gain Control in 5 depth zones.
  • Changeable <black level>.
  • Continuously adjustable dynamic range.
  • Gamma-correction.
  • Adjustable radiation power.
Focusing. One/two focal zones with continuously changeable focus zones.
Scan Density 128 or 189 beams per frame. Program switch.
Image Orientation Program adjustment LEFT/RIGHT, UP/DOWN.
M-Mode Specifications. Adjustable rate of M-scanning in M and B+M modes (200, 100, 50 lines/sec).
Choice of M-line location.
High-Pass Filter. Personal preset for each mode.
Cineloop. Last 128 cadres record. Ability of reproduction, frame-accurate drop, record to hard disc as a reel.
In a Freeze Mode:
Measurements B, B+B Modes:
  • linear dimensions;
  • sectional area by ellipsis method;
  • elliptic fibration perimeter;
  • irregular-shaped sectional area (inking);
M, B+M Modes:
  • time;
  • rate of movement;
  • frequency;
  • axial displacement (on the axle perpendicular to the probe surface);
Image Storage. Up to ten each scan session.
Measurement Results Report. with possibility of naming (<beparietal diameter of the fetal head>, <biacromial diameter of the left kidney> etc.) and subsequent automatic inclusion into report text.
Automatic Calculations. Changeable obstetrics standard, calculation of major indexes, comparison to standards, inclusion of results into report text.
Additional Color contrasting indicators of the details of the image, body markers with the probe distribution in the investigated part of the body.

A wide choice of ultrasound probes possible to connect provides the universality of system usage.

The examination report, formed by the program, will look approximately like this:

Medical Establishment: N

Ultrasound Examination Report.

Kurasova P.O.
Fem. Age: 23. First day of last menstruation: 26.09.2003.

Date of Examination: 23.04.2004 11:19
Data, obtained during examination:
BD of fetus's head = 78 mm
Mean diameter of fetus's abdominal cavity = 82 mm
Length of circumference of fetus's abdominal cavity = 258 mm
Mean diameter of fetus's chest = 72 mm
Fetus's thigh length = 59 mm
Fetus's shin length = 52 mm
Fetus's humerus length = 54 mm
Fetus's forearm length = 49 mm
Placenta thickness = 30 mm
Supposed date of birth: 03.07.2004.
Pregnancy term by BD = 30.1 weeks.
Pregnancy term by MDAC = 30.0 weeks.
Pregnancy term by MDCh = 30.3 weeks.
Pregnancy term by ThL = 30.2 weeks.
Pregnancy term by ShL = 30.0 weeks.
Pregnancy term by HL = 30.5 weeks.
Pregnancy term by FL = 30.2 week.
Pregnancy term by PTh = 30.1 weeks.
Fetus's length (By thigh length) = 42.8 cm.
Supposed weight of fetus = 1592 g.

The position of the fetus is longitudinal. The head precedes. The fetus's head is low in the small pelvis entrance. Neirosonography is difficult because of the position of fetus. Placenta - right rib, bottom. Maturity degree is 2. Heart is conditionally 4-chambered. Internal organs correspond to the term. FCR 145 min. Real conugata is not measured because the urinal bladder is not filled. Hypertonus of womb 2-3 degree.

Conclusion: Pregnancy period is 30 weels. Hazard of premature birth.

Doctor Preobrashensky F.F. /_________________/