Для домашнего и промышленного использования счетчик воды в Киеве.
А также термометры и другие интересные штучки.

Specifications for SonoFly Ultrasonic Scanners

  • Image Fragment Enlargement. Fragment 125õ125pix. 4 times enlargement. Color mapping of the enlarged area and of the whole image. Possibility to measure in the enlarged area.
  • Image Saving. Up to ten in each scanning session. Possibility to save images, reports, cineloop to a floppy disk 3,5”, CD-RW (option). Delivery of images, reports, cineloop through e-mail, Internet, Ethernet, Telemedicine.
  • Additionally. Color contrast guides to image details, icons indicating the position of the probe in the examined part of the body.
  • Formation of reports.
  • Patient pre-registration .
  • Printing images and other information in computer printer.
  • Sending and obtaining images and other information by e-mail.
  • Work with Internet, Ethernet, Telemedicine nets.
  • Expert consultations through Internet, Ethernet, Telemedicine.
  • Formation of examination reports for a selected period.
  • Providing manuals and advisory information by Internet and hard carrier (floppy-disks, ÑD-s etc.).
  • Connection of an additional monitor (optional).
  • Work with office applications (documents, reports, tables, diagrams, calculations, images, presentations etc.).
  • Compare view of images, measurements with original ones for any time period.
  • Archiving patient cards.
  • Archiving patient images.
  • Providing ultrasound session in a video reel form (about 5 min) to consult or to acquaint a patient.
  • Possibility of work in navigation mode (doctor asks – program answers).
  • Possibility of a remote real-time consultation between a practitioner and experts within a medical establishment in Ukraine as for concrete pathology for a concrete patient. Comparing the results with atlases, formation of personal ones. Telemedicine.
  • Patients can be examined by medical staff with general qualification and subsequently be diagnosed by a specialist with higher qualification.
  • Long-time monitoring of patient state with the help of his personal card.
  • Complete documenting of doctor's actions (important for a perspective insurance medicine).
  • Automatic calculations by selected and preset methods allow systematisation and standardisation of examinations.
  • Applications in some specific area as well as wide applications with possibility to puncture under ultrasound control.
  • Application of cheap and reliable electronic probes allows to extend the list of possible examinations.
  • Compatibility with other medical equipment and functional diagnostic software reduces charges for software.
  • Allows examining, fixation of results, their processing, analysing, consulting with the help of Internet, performing statistical analysis and quick reporting with various work criteria for a doctor work or for a medical establishment.