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Opinions of the SonoFly Ultrasonic Scanners

Chief city specialist in diagnostic ultrasound in pediatrics (Kiev).

... The equipment gives opportunity to work with several probes, at that switching between them does not hinder the examination process. Scan modes (B, B+B, B+M), the set of probes, measurement of angles make the unit universal and allow using it in pediatric practice (neurosonography, joints).
The presence of the cineloop allows making an entry during 5 minutes, and then conducting necessary measurement, which significantly improves and speeds up the examination of infants.

Opinion on the ultrasonic scanner

The Institute of Reproductive Medicine, Kiev

... Ultrasound system meets the requirements of modern diagnostics in the conditions of laboratory-clinic linc both in technical parameters and the convenience of use. It gives the doctor, who works in some remote area or a regional hospital, an opportunity to receive more detailed information and to make quick decision with the possibility of confirmation through the communicative data.

Opinion on the ultrasonic scanner from the Institute of Reproductive Medicine

Atlanta Medical Centre, Kiev

... The SonoFly 3000 Ultrasonic Scanner showed itself as a reliable, qualitative unit. During operation it confirmed good technical characteristics. The image quality is comparable with the systems which the doctors operated before.

In general, it is a modern ultrasonic scanner - SonoFly 3000 scanner for screening examinations of patients with good "price - quality" ratio.

Opinion of the ultrasonic scanner from the medical centre "Àòëàíòà"

Children's Clinic #3, Zaporozhie

... We would like to particularly distinguish the following properties of the scanner:

  1. Russian interface
  2. Easiness in operation
  3. Possibility to archive the image in the memory of the scanner
  4. Presence of a cineloop
  5. Wide choice of probes
  6. Compatibility with laser printer, which makes the procedure of printing scanograms cheaper.
Opinion of the ultrasound scanner from children's clinic #3, Zaporozhie

NADEZHDA Consulting Medical Center, Shepetovka .

... This system suits us completely with the image quality, the possibility of smooth and visual change of focus depth, the adjustment of general and areal enhancing, the convenience of usage and replacement of the probes. .

The important factor that gives this system an advantage over the others is that the specialists from EXIM constantly work on improvement of the software and some time later, free of charge, they bring the appropriate changes to the users' systems..

Taking into consideration the relatively low cost of SonoFly-3000 and its rather wide possibilities, this system is reasonable to be advised for usage in practical medicine, starting from a city district clinic.

Opinion of the ultrasonic scanner from the medical center "Íàäåæäà"

Ukrainian Medical Group, Kiev

... Very convenient is the telephone consulting service of the company which is always ready to give the required information.

...In the period of work with the system, we noticed no malfunctions.

Opinion of the SonoFly-3000

The State Medical Sertification Centre of Civil Aviation of Ukraine, Kiev

... The system allows easy measurement of the organ sizes, completing examination reports, saving images, printing on printers.

... In general, work with the SonoFly-3000 Ultrasonic Scanner gives satisfaction both to a doctor and to patients.

Opinion of the SonoFly-3000 Ultrasonic Scanner

The Institute of Oncology of the Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine

... While instalation, the specialists from the supplier held the good training of the stuff, the doctors were given detailed instructions as for the the functional possibilities of the equipment, which allowed maximum usage of the system possibilities.

Among system's advantages, we would like to distinguish:

  • Simplicity in exploitation
  • Possibility to archive and register the images
  • Creation of patients' database with the storage of the archive gives a possibility to do the comparatative analysis
  • Wide choice of options/li>
  • Print of images on the usual printer and usual paper
  • Good corelation of "price-quality"
Opinion of the SonoFly-3000 Ultrasonic Scanner

JSt "Health Centret"

... While expoiting, we confirmed the good technical characteristics: high resolution, wide dynamic range, presence of all needed visualisation modes, convenience of operative control of the scan modes

Opinion of soft&hardware complex for diagnostic ultrasound

The Institute of Oncology, Kiev

... The quality of visualisation of the internal organs with the SonoFly-3000 system satisfies the needs of a doctor for ultrasonic diagnostics.. The visualisation is clear and contrast due to good resolution.
All parameters can be smoothly adjusted and have wide spectrum. With the optimal combination of the dynamic range, brightness, exposition, gamma-correction, degree of inter-frame processing of the image, the noice,even in the farther zone, is practically absent.
... It considerably eases the process of application of programs for "automatic calculations" and "systemised systematized report patternà".

Opinion of the ultrasonic scanner from the Institute of Oncology