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Company News

Access to the Address Book Added

The user (doctor) is selected in the starting program window. The user attributes were completed by the e-mail address and server addresses. They are automatically used when sending and receiving a message. In the start window we added the access to the address book. The addressees are entered just once, then you just choose the entry to sent the message. Several addressees are allowed. Standard package may include such recepients as "Technical Support", "Consulting Centre" etc. 

Scan Possibilities Extended.

We added the possibility to go to scan process from the main program window using the settings from the last session. When viewing the cineloop saved at the disk you can now measure the linear distances. During the scan session with the freeze mode enabled you can measure in the previously saved images. In any type of patient information transmission it is possible to switch on the confidentiality mode - the personal patient data will be hidden.

Now the error in printing the comment to the image is corrected. Before only the white rectangular was displayed. We also corrected another mistake - absence of the image frame when printing on the white background. Now in any print variant the cadre is outlined with the black frame.


Improved Possibilities of Operations with the Databases

We added the possibility of selective import/export of information about a patient (patients) from some other database to the main one. It can be used to connect to the database received through the means of communication. When carrying out the import/export, the program can automatically create and move the video archives instead of the initial huge files. The three degrees of compression/quality ratio are allowed.


Perfect Work with Information.

The interface is changed. New context menus were created for some operations with the patients. The way of image sketches preview is changed. The information saving after the examination being complete is optimised. The user easily chooses the information saved in the database (text, images and videos in any combination).

The structure of video storage is improved. Now they are stored not in the separate fold but are connected to the examination. The list is displayed when looking through the database in the main program window. You can view, delete and rename from the main program window. The program automatically unpacks cineloop archive for review.


International Exhibition

We invite you to visit our booth in the 14-th international exhibition "Healthcare". You  will see the latest models of ultrasonic equipment   and will get and our specialists advise you in functional possibilities of the equipment. Get an invitation ticket with a single call to us, tel. +38 044 461 91 66.  The exhibition will take place at the following address: 15 Brovarskoy Prospekt, Kiev Ukraine.

detail... 12.10.05

New Software Version

Exim specialist from the department of software development started the new software version 3.4 for SonoFly ultrasonic scanner. It essentially improves the possibilities of data exchange and work in the net mode.

Experimental Integration of SonoFly scanners into telemedicine system

We continue the experimental integration of SonoFly scanners into the Telemedicine system which is realized on the base of Rovno Municipal Diagnostic Centre according to the governmental program.
detail... 25.06.05
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