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Mammologist's Workstation

Mammologist's Workstation SonoFly-3000 unit for ultrasound diagnostics completed by a high-frequency (7.5 MHz) probe can be successfully used for an examination of mammae. Ultrasound mammography is used to diagnose various mammae diseases comparatively recently. But diagnostic value of this method is not lower than traditional, x-ray. While ultrasound examination harmful radiation is not used as while radiography. Ultrasound examination is absolutely painless.

Ultrasound examination acquires more and more importance in the diagnostics of mamma diseases. The main reason is the absense of damaging influence on mamma tissues, which are extremely sensitive to radiation. Moreover, such mamma diseases as <mastopathy>, require dynamic observations and estimation of the effectiveness of treatment not less than 4 times a year.

USD (ultrasound diagnostics) of mamma allows free reception of mamma images in various projections. The received images reveal cysts - roundish cavities, filled by the liquid, benign and malignant tumors, various mamma abnormalities. Ultrasound examination is both independent method to reveal benign and malignant tumors, and additional method applied together with the x-ray mammography. In the number of cases ultrasound exels mammography - when examinating thick mamma of young women, women, who have fibrocystic mastopathy; in revealing cysts. Futhermore, ultrasound scanners are used for dynamic observation of the revealed earlier benign tumors of mamma to determine whether no changes took place. During pregnancy and sucking period ultrasound is a leading method of mammae examination.

Usage of high-frequency probe provides enough resolution to reveal the neoplasms even with small sizes.

The probes, recommended for USD of mamma are represented in the table:

Photograph Type/Code Frequency, MHz Radius, mm View Zone/Angle, mm Image Format Application
HL5-9ED 5.0...9.0 - 40 Linear Small Areas, Vessels, Pediatrics, Thyroid Gland, Mamma
L5-9/60ED 5.0...9.0 - 60 Linear Small Areas, Pediatrics, Thyroid Gland, Mamma

Abilities of SonoFly-3000 unit for ultrasound diagnostics (USD) are not limited by real-time imaging. The patient to be examined is first registered in the card file:

If the data were introduced into the card file earlier, you can find them with the help of convenient search function.

Then, before the examination begins, you should choose the pre-set program (in this case it is- <mammology>):

The choice of the program prior to scanning helps to limit rather extensive list of measurements and calculations, set in the system, and to leave those that are used in mammology.

SonoFly-3000 unit for ultrasound diagnostics (USD) offers a set of automatic calculations which help to interprete the observed images.

Type of Examination Used Measurements Provided Calculations
Mammae Mamma Skin Thickness.
Diameter of Lactiferous Sinuses.
Diameter of A (B) Formation.
Dimensions of Limphonoduses.
Dimensions of Limphonoduses.

The methods of volumes calculations, though not meant for mammae examinations only, con be very useful to reveal the volumes of big formations.

Using the convenient calendar you can introduce the first day of the last menstruation.
This date than is automatically included into the examination report and helps to estimate the correspondence of mamma tissues structure to the day of the cycle. For mammographic USD the important task is to differentiate fibrous and cystic formations. Together with the other methods SonoFly-3000 unit for ultrasound diagnostics (USD) allows constructing of brightness histogram after any scanning area. The peculiarity of intensiveness in such histograms helps to determine the nature of a formation.

unit for ultrasound diagnostics (USD) allows constructing of brightness histogram after any scanning area. The peculiarity of intensiveness in such histograms helps to determine the nature of a formation.
The modern unit for ultrasound examination is known to have a number of settings, the condition of which utimately results in the image quality. The switch from one type of examination to another requires change in settings, which is sometimes essential. SonoFly-3000 unit for ultrasound examination (US) allows application of both factory and user's SCHEMES OF SETTINGS. Therefore, the choice of the whole complex of settings for gynecology is not difficult:

While scanning you can save up to 10 US images per one session. The markers, set on the image, measurements results, necessary official information will be also saved on the image.

Conclusion (examination report) is formed by SonoFly-3000 Ultrasound Unit automatically after the scanning session is completed. The examination report is a text document, which automatically includes :

  • Name of the medical (diagnostical) establishment.
  • Information about the patient (Name, sex, age, etc. ).
  • Date of examination.
  • Results of measurements and calculations
  • Mask of the conclusion text, which consists of standard cliches.

To include the results of measurements and calculations to the text during the formation of an examination report you should introduce them into special memmory of SonoFly-3000 Ultrasound Unit while scanning. The succession of actions is given on the pictures below:

1. Measuring

2. Fixation of the measurements results in the report

3. Observation of the calculations results

Introducing the measurements results to be reflected in the report:

All actions are carried out with the help of treckball, take minimum of time and do not require hand typing of numbers or a text. Such approach reduces the amount of mistakes while typing, allows to reduce the time of examination, as well as the time to prepare the report.