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Gynaecologist's Workstation

Gynaecologist's Workstation High quality of the image, adjustable power of radiation, set of necessary calculations, possibility to record and store a cineloop – all this makes SonoFly-3000 irreplaceable in the room of an obstetrician.

Unfortunately, the situation when a woman is examined with ultrasound by one doctor and is treated by another is quite common. It leads to a formal approach, when an ultrasound image is not compared with objective data of an examination, patient's complaints, case history and results of laboratory analysis. With your gynaecology clinic being equipped with SonoFly-3000 ultrasound device you will get the possibility of complex diagnostics and will be able in optimal terms completely examine a patient and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

At present USD of female internal sex organs is carried out with the use of abdominal and transvaginal scanning, which complement one another. SonoFly-3000 device for ultrasound diagnostics (USD) gives a possibility to use both methods.

USD of a womb allows revealing of innate faults in development (reduplication, complete absence of a womb), as well as delay in development of a correctly formed womb – a “child” womb, which is important in the matters of primary sterility and inability to carry a child.
Myoma of a womb is the most frequent benign tumor in the reproductive age (of every fifth woman). Vaginal echography allows diagnostics of myomatic ganglions which are 0.5-1.0 cm in diameter.
Dynamic USD are necessary when diagnosing the growth of myomatic ganglions, changes of their internal structure, revealing pathological processes of endometrium and condition of a womb cavity. Here it becomes highly important to diagnose early endometrium cancer of women of pre- and post menopausal period, the rate of which steadily grows. And for women of reproductive age it is important to diagnose womb pregnancy on very early terms, complications after pregnancy interruption (ovum remnants), abnormalities of ovarian-menstrual cycle, inflammatory processes of organs in small pelvis, formations in ovaries, both benign and malignant, correctness of positioning of intrawomb spiral.
It is also actual to diagnose an extra-uterine pregnancy in good time as this decease becomes the reason of mother death in 2-18 % of cases.

The probes which can be successfully used for obstetric practice

Photograph Type/Code Frequency, MHz Radius, mm View Zone/Angle, mm Image Format Application
UT-C3.5R60/64* 3.5 60 60 Convex Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Paediatrics
UT-CV5.0R15/64 5.0 15 95 Convex Endovaginal
HC3-6ED 3.0...6.0 60 61.7 Convex Abdominal, Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Gynaecology
L2-5ED 2.0...5.0 - 85 Linear Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynaecology
EC-4-9ED 4.0...9.0 10 125 Convex Endovaginal
EC-4-9/13ED 4.0...9.0 13 110 Convex Endovaginal

* – complementing with an integrated biopsy adapter is possible.

The scanning modes that can be used for gynaecological examination with SonoFly-3000 ultrasound device are B, B+B. The possibilities of SonoFly-3000 unit for ultrasound diagnostics are not limited by real-time imaging.
The patient to be examined is first registered in the card file:

If the data were introduced into the card file earlier, you can find them with the help of convenient search function.

As gynaecologists often diagnose new formations, SonoFly-3000 software includes possibility to calculate volumes. Moreover, you can measure linear dimensions, area and perimeter by ellipsis method, area of arbitrary region by encircle method.

To calculate volumes you should choose one or several corresponding options in the window of pre-scanning:

Besides, on this stage you can introduce additional data about a patient – weight, height, first day of last menstruation. All these data and calculations results will be included into examination report automatically.

Together with the other methods SonoFly-3000 device for USD allows construction of brightness histograms by any scanned area. The specificity of intensity spread in such histograms helps

In scanning mode the management is carried out mainly with the help of a trackball.
The modern unit for ultrasound examination is known to have a number of settings, the condition of which ultimately results in the image quality. The switch from one type of examination to another requires change in settings, which is sometimes essential. SonoFly-3000 unit for ultrasound examination (US) allows application of both factory and user's SCHEMES OF SETTINGS. Therefore, the choice of the whole complex of settings for gynaecology is not difficult:

While scanning you can save up to 10 US images per one session. The markers, set on the image, measurements results, necessary official information will be also saved on the image.

Conclusion (examination report) is formed by SonoFly-3000 Ultrasound Device automatically after the scanning session is completed. The examination report is a text document, which automatically includes :

  • Name of the medical (diagnostic) establishment.
  • Information about the patient (Name, sex, age, etc.).
  • Date of examination.
  • Results of measurements and calculations.
  • Mask of the conclusion text, which consists of standard clichés.

To include the results of measurements and calculations to the text during the formation of an examination report you should introduce them into special memory of SonoFly-3000 Ultrasound Unit while scanning. The succession of actions is given on the pictures below:

Calculation of the formation volume by three dimensions:

1. Measuring

2. Fixation of the measurements results in the report

3. Observation of the calculations results

All actions are carried out with the help of trackball, take minimum of time and do not require hand typing of numbers or a text. Such approach reduces the amount of mistakes while typing, allows to reduce the time of examination, as well as the time to prepare the report.

The examination report, formed by the program, will look approximately like this:

Medical Establishment: N

Ultrasound Examination Report.

Kurasova P.O.
Fem. Age: 23. First day of last menstruation: 28.05.2004.

Date of Examination: 23.04.2004 11:19
Data, obtained during examination:
longitudinal dimension = 9 mm
front-back dimension = 13 mm
transverse dimension =10 mm

Volume "A" = 0.6 ñm<sup>3</sup>

The womb and the ovulars are abdominally examined. Acoustic access is complicated, however, the examination is possible. The womb body is located ordinary. The womb body is not enlarged. The outline of the womb body is even and clear. The womb cavity is not extended. The ovulars are unchanged. A volume formation with runout of the organ limits is discovered. Dimensions 9õ13õ10mm, Volume = 0.6ml. Structure is cystic (liquid) with ill-defined capsule.
Conclusion: Ultrasound signs of myometry cyst(s).
Doctor: Preobrazhensky F.F. /_________________/