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Exim Ltd. - Design, Manufacture and Sale of SonoFly Ultrasonic Systems

Collective Manufacturing and Commercial Company "EXIM" was created in 1992 by the team of ingeneers to render the service support to medical establishments of Ukraine. In 2002 due to the changes in the legislation of Ukraine, the firm was re-registered with the name EXIM, ltd.

Now EXIM, ltd is a versatile corporation dealing with designing, manufacturing, sale and service of the complicated medical, laboratory and analytical equipment as well as with sale of the consumables to this equipment. EXIM, ltd also manufactures and delivers the units of US scanners to other companies which represent the scanners under their trademark. Our products including US scanners is regularly exhibited in Ukrainian and international exhibitions. You can find information about other activities of EXIM, ltd on the site www.exim.com.ua.

This site represents the production of the subdivision which deals with the design and manufacture of Ultra-Sound Scanners (USS) known under the trade names SonoFly3000 and SonoFly300(M).
The subdivision includes highly qualified engineers and programmers, which constantly work to improve the characteristics of the manufactured US scanners.
The chief orientation of the subdivision is to design and manufacture medical US scanners on the basis of IBM PC. All equipment is manufactured on the ground of high technologies and components: multi-layer print cards, microcircuits with the high degree of integration and programming logic, surface mounting etc.

We are always open for mutually advantageous cooperation – our e-mail: exim@exim.com.ua